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How to create a user account with a custom password using the IAM AWS Console. We will also login as the new user and create an S3 bucket with a unique name.

First, we login in with our AWS administrators account. Next, we access the AWS Consoles, IAM screen and choose Users. Once screen has opened click on Add users as illustrated below.

Click Add users above right corner

Second, we choose a username and check the following. Select AWS credential type. Being sure to check off Access Key — Programmatic access and Password — AWS Management Console access. Next choose password option select, Custom password and click Next: Permissions as illustrated below.

Enter a Custom password above and click Next: Permissions

Third, we are giving the user “S3full access”; using the “Attach existing policies directly” and using the search option as illustrated below type “S3 full access” and check off “AmazonS3FullAccess” click on Next: Tags

Click Next: Tags

We will not be using Tags in this demonstration, but they are helpful.

Click Next: Review

Once all information has been confirmed click on Create user.

Review selections and click Create user

User has been successfully created as viewed below. Choose close and a get ready to log back on the AWS Console as the newly created user and create an S3 bucket with a unique name.

User should make note of Access Key and Secret Keys as this will be the last time these credentials will be available to download. However you can create new credentials at any time.

Enter the account #, newly created username in this case test_user with the custom password we created as well.

Above enter account #, IAM username and password

Next, we will access the AWS Console and select “S3”.

Under Storage select S3

Once in the Amazon S3 Console window choose Create bucket.

Click Create bucket upper right hand corner

Enter a unique bucket name that cannot be the same name as any other S3 buckets in the AWS cloud. Next select your AWS region in this case we are using default selection and click on Create bucket.

Give S3 bucket unique name above
Click Create bucket above

Finally, below we can see our newly created S3 bucket using the new users account credentials.

The new S3 bucket called, “myawstestbuckt5830” has been created above



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