Installing Apache Web Server on CentOS7

Eric Wainwright
Jan 27, 2022

My first project for Level Up In Tech Cohort is to provide instructions on how to install an Apache Web Server on a CentOS Server of my choice. I choose to work with the CentOS7 Server. By applying the following steps you will see how simple it is to complete the install. First you will need to make sure that the httpd is up to date on the CentOS7 Server. Type the following:

yum updates httpd

Once updates are complete you will be ready to install the Apache package:

The -y will perform install without prompting for y/n?

After confirming the installation, yum will install Apache and all required dependencies.

Next, we enable the firewall with the following set of commands:

Firewall has been enabled and reload

Finally, we will start and check the status of the newly installed Apache HTTP Server.

Apache has been started and verified as active

Lastly, we enter the IP Address of the Apache Server into web browser and attempt to access the site.

Successful connection to Apache Web Server



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