Using Terraform to Deploy EC2, VPC w/Public and Private Subnets, Aurora RDS Mysql instance and Load Balancer

Terraform, EC2, Aurora RDS Mysql Instance, VPC, Subnetting & Load Balancer
  1. Deploy a VPC w/ CIDR w/ 2 public subnets w/ CIDRs or and
  2. Create a private subnet w/ CIDR w/ an RDS MySQL instance (nano).
  3. A Load Balancer that will direct traffic to the public subnet.
  • AWS Account
  • Terraform installed
  • Fork my Github repo —
  • After forking repo you will have access to my code with the following files being created;, and .
Pictured above is my directory tree with all files listed.
The provider is configured as AWS the region its being launched in is us-east-1.
Terraform successfully initialized above.
After applying AWS credentials Terraform IaC is constructed
As seen above the Terraform apply was run successfully with 7 resources to be added.
Above is the results of the Iac I have constructed using Terraform.



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Eric Wainwright

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